Lago is a small village in Varants' northermost part. It is nice and the populace is small. Heedless of its small size, it's famous for its swampweed, as even the most influential merchant of Varant, Gonzales, is pleased with Lagos' swampweed delivery. Lago, though, is plagued by nomad raids, who seek to liberate the slaves working in the mines of Lago; the Hashishin would reward anyone who would stop the nomad raider, Shakyor.


Fabio is the arena master and the man in charge of Lago.

Familiar FacesEdit

Vatras is the water mage you met during your adventures. Get lurker trophes for Mamuk will allow him to say the name of the prisoner to tell for Shakyor, the desert lion. Shakyor will be pleased to help you out with the liberation.

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